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Congrats to all who have passed, and good luck to all who are studying. I am looking for ways to pass the Sec. + exam, and learn the material in as little time as possible. Any suggestions, tips, and advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    The material is the same.

    There is no way to tell which is faster or slower, that depends on your capability to grasp new concepts and understand​ them.
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    Finish the book in 15-20 days creating flash cards/practice questions along the way. Break this down so you are reading a chapter, 30 pages, or whatever makes sense per night. Spend 5-10 days reviewing flash cards/practice questions. In my experience from A+ and Network+, 30 days is comfortable pace where I can retain information. If you already have experience in the IT field, you can probably do this faster. I've seen people score very high with only a week or two of studying, but they are also people who have IT experience.
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    SteveFT, did you create flash cards of the acronyms or just anything?
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    MrWiltz wrote: »
    SteveFT, did you create flash cards of the acronyms or just anything?

    I would do things like port numbers, encryption types, access controls, types of attacks. For security there are a lot of items not just what is listed that you need to know.
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    Welcome to forums fallinazael.

    What materials do have that you're currently using to study with? Some people have reported via Amazon reviews that they have read a specific book within a weekend and passed on Monday. It's much quicker than I can read technical materials so I applaud their ability. Also, it depends on how much information you're starting with.

    Creating the flashcards yourself is often useful because you're viewing the concepts as you create them, and again when you're using them. There are also sources available that include online practice test questions and flashcards that you can use without creating them, if you're pressed for time.

    Make sure you read up on the new performance questions before taking the exam.

    Good luck.
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    I'd read Darril Gibson's book and take notes.

    I breezed thru the Sec+ in less than a month doing that. I had no prior professional IT experience and only a Net+. I passed w/ a great score too.
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    MrWiltz wrote: »
    SteveFT, did you create flash cards of the acronyms or just anything?

    Sorry for the late response. As TechGuru80 said, make flash cards about a number of topics. They are great for port numbers. You can make True/False questions. You can create multiple response answers such as "List three examples of technical controls."

    Check out MemoryLifter if you haven't taken the test already. Even if you have, it's great for future studying.
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