About shielding and loss of data

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Figure this question:

You want to prevent data leakage due to data emanating outside of the cable. What would you use:
a) STP
b) Fiber
c) UTP
d) Coaxial

What would you answer? Since both A and B are correct.

If the question stated that you want to prevent the data leakage on a public area, then I guess B is the best option. Otherwise, if the question stated an internal place, I guess STP is the choice. But what if it doesn't state anything?


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    When answering questions like this only go off of the information provided. Since they did not mention which application it would be used in go with whichever answer would protect the data the most, which would be Fiber.

    STP does a pretty good job keeping the data inside, but there are still leaks and it can still be 'hacked' into or 'spliced'. Fiber is much more secure.

    I hope this answers your question.
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