2 Job offers, need to drop one today. Need help making choice please help urgent.

WilliamWrightWilliamWright Member Posts: 29 ■□□□□□□□□□
My First job offer is with Redbox, Working as a Machine Support Specialist, Decent pay for a young fella like myself. But the thing is It's a 2 hour commute because I don't have a car. I'm use to commuting in my big city so this will not really be a problem. This Job is from 2pm to 10pm 4 days a week, which gives me 3 days to recover from that commute. The company has a lot room to move up and I'm planning on moving to California this year so I will hope that they offer relocation. They have PTO, Vacation days and I get my free pick of Video games and Movies =) This Job starts Monday.

My second is with Insight Global, a contract with a Major University working basic help-desk and on a mass integration project with another building. It's 6 months with possibility of hire, no PTO or vacation days, 5 days a week, 8-4 or 9-5. Business casual, and it's an hour commute. This also starts Monday. Pays slightly less but it's closer to downtown Chicago.

I need to drop one today or tomorrow but I can't make my decision, I would buy a car coming the next month or two if I chose the Redbox, But you guys tell me which one will look best on my work history. Thank you.


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    clouderclouder Member Posts: 84 ■■□□□□□□□□
    What does the Redbox job entail exactly? I've heard of Insight (they also do Gov contracting), and while the benefits aren't as appealing, that job may look better on the resume.
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    WilliamWrightWilliamWright Member Posts: 29 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Machine Support Specialist, Basically Kiosk Support. Insight Global looks better on a Resume than Redbox? Really? Care to explain how see it?
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    networker050184networker050184 Mod Posts: 11,962 Mod
    The problem I would have is that Redbox machine support isn't going to transfer well to many other companies. Option two would seem to help you in the future the most.
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    f0rgiv3nf0rgiv3n Member Posts: 598 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Think about what the job experience will gain you going forward. How applicable is the Redbox Machine Support Specialist job compared to the help-desk job at Insight? To me it sounds like the pay is relatively equal because of the commute time. The one negative insight has is no PTO or vacation which is kind of a bummer.

    I don't know, it's a tough decision. My first thought is exactly what clouder said, Insight would look better and be more applicable. But there are two big negatives with them: No PTO and it's contract(only 6 months). One option you might have is to grab the Redbox job and just use it as a "job" and not a career move. At least you would have some job security and from that point you would be able to take a long look at where you want to go next (and possibly get some certs).

    The other option is take the Insight job. While it's only 6 months, the job experience you would gain there would most likely make it easier to get another help desk job 6 months from now. There's a bit more risk involved with this but the payout could be a lot bigger...

    So... How much risk are you willing to take on?

    Good luck!
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    LarryDaManLarryDaMan Member Posts: 797
    A lot of factors to consider, but I'd pick Redbox offhand.

    I worked with Insight Global on a short 6 month contract several years ago and it was just a bunch of inexperienced staffing professionals pushing numbers and filling positions. My point-of-contact there changed so much, that I had to re-introduce myself to the company virtually every time we spoke. If you're okay with totally being left on your own, doing your thing, and being your own advocate; then you should consider it. I didn't mind too much at the time, but you being a "young fella" as you mentioned, might want a more hands-on situation.

    Edit: Others have been making a good point about gaining IT experience and Redbox wouldn't do much for you there. Just don't expect Insight Global (or any staffing agency) to offer much employee support.
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    Santa_Santa_ Member Posts: 131 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I want to give you some advice and choose the one that you feel will make you progress in your future. Which of the two will give you the experience in IT to move forward?

    Out of the two, I feel that the Redbox Machine Support Specialist would have to do with Redbox dispenseries around a specific area, fixing them, troubleshooting, restocking. This seems good temporarily, (regardless of free movies and games) but honestly does not appeal to me personally as gaining experience in IT.

    The other is a help desk role - you'll gain more IT knowledge as you'll deal with different or many similar issues on a day-to-day basis. More opportunities will come this way as you will gain knowledge, people skills, and anything else in between. Personally I would be more energized to learn new things related to the field.

    Support Specialist is soley working on Redbox machines (my guess) - regardless the PTO, Vacation, Hours, you should be focusing on gaining experience first at an early age. Pay for the help desk is slightly less, but you're also driving an hour less one way on 4 of those days (comparing to the Redbox hours)

    If you're also not in a rush for either - you can spend some time around job boards or craigslist for something help desk related that may not be contractual and more pay. Just need to look, but they're there.
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    clouderclouder Member Posts: 84 ■■□□□□□□□□
    networker and Santa covered my reasoning for saying Insight icon_cool.gif
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    WilliamWrightWilliamWright Member Posts: 29 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thank you guys so much, I know now what I must pick to better off my future, Insight Global might be a bit uncoordinated when it comes to placing employees, and honestly I've worked with worst contractor that Hired people with NO I.T experience. I also had to interview with the University and they chose me because I have I.T experience. Insight Global it is, Thank you fellas so much.
    Now is there a guide on how to decline a Job offer after I accepted it?
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    RouteMyPacketRouteMyPacket Member Posts: 1,104
    I have heard of Insight Global so I would go with them, it's all about opportunities and they have a big footprint across the US

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    ratbuddyratbuddy Member Posts: 665
    Now is there a guide on how to decline a Job offer after I accepted it?

    Just be honest. Thank them for the opportunity, and tell them you found a position that better aligns with your career goals. They won't cry, I promise.
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    VirgoCupcakeVirgoCupcake Registered Users Posts: 3 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Someone entered my resume this week for a helpdesk job with Insight Global.

    I would go with them.

    They're closer and it looks better on your resume. Employee's of the future are looking for someone with govt/office environment experience.

    Those 3days wont be a job too much with a 2hr commute and not having a car. Think this one out with wise decisions.

    Helpdesk is the great answer! After you play those games and watch those videos. They will be the last on your mind =)
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    ptilsenptilsen Member Posts: 2,835 ■■■■■■■■■■
    The Redbox job won't do much for your resume. The helpdesk job will.
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    cowillcowill Member Posts: 93 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Hey I wanted to chime in here before it gets too late. I had very similar situation early on in my career. I went with the 'help desk' job (It was really desk side support, I by-passed I.T. help desk all together ).....But.....I was able to get to that point because I was previously a cable tech......I spoke with my supervisor at the 'hd' job and she stated why they hired me....Cause I was young and my cable job showed I had the ability to think tech-like......I guess I'm saying all of this to say don't rule out the machine support specialist.....espcially if you are fixing them........Those skills DO translate.....you are working with technology and using logic....

    I worked with Insight global before...overated as far as your resume goes...chances are you won't even be in-house with them......they are pretty much a staffing company with some very eager, young recruiters who know every little about technology......knowing what I know.......I wouldn't let that be a determing factor

    *Edit*.....after re-reading the post....I'm going against the grain here and say I'd go with red box.......too much can go wrong with that help desk job via staffing company............You have benefits, solid job, you can work/manuver/play the game at Red Box......worse comes to worse....you can leave and probaly STILL find a help desk job if not a desk side support job......
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    J_86J_86 Member Posts: 262 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Don't just pick a job based on what the majority of us say icon_cool.gif. Weight out the pros and cons and think about it for yourself.
    At the end of the day, you have two job offers which is a pretty good spot to be in.

    Redbox just names their position different, I would guess you would be doing a mix of software and hardware support there. The machines are just like a computer in the inside, same hardware.
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    phoeneousphoeneous Member Posts: 2,333 ■■■■■■■□□□
    Although I haven't dealt with them personally, I've heard nothing but terrible things about Insight Global. Supposedly they pay lower than industry standard, don't offer benefits, and usually don't fulfill their contract-to-hire promises. But hey if you're young and single with no kids then the job doesnt sound too bad. If Redbox has room for improvement, my vote is with them.

    Some light reading on IG:

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    Mike-MikeMike-Mike Member Posts: 1,860
    I contracted with Insight Global, they were fine to me. I was a contractor for 90 days then was brought on to a full timer by the company I was placed at.

    I think you are in a win win scenario here. I agree with cowill, the Redbox job will look good on a resume, it shows a different type of technical skill, and Redbox is kind of a big name, so that always looks good. At the same time, even though i HATED the help desk, it was very valuable experience. And when I got to a point where I was interviewing and hiring people, you could really tell the difference in those that had a solid help desk background.

    2 hour commute is a beast though
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