Specific Difference between Linear and Adaptive exams?

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Anyone know?

Specific Difference between Linear and Adaptive exams?

Is there any other "types/formats"?

Which is better? easier? more logical? harder?


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    Adaptive exam : Has no predetermined # of questions. Each question is delivered based on how you answered previous questions. If you are weak in one area or another, the exam may start giving you more questions on that topic. At any time, the exam may end without notice, once it is determined you pass or fail. There is no score, just pass or fail. Also, once you answer a question, your answer sticks. There is no going back. They suck.

    Linear : Just like a conventional multiple choice exam. You can mark a question for review, and before you end the exam,. you can look back at change answers if you want to.

    Those are the two most common types of exams, and most exams are now linear I think. I prefer linear, because I can review the exam before clicking the end button.
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