CEH VUE Eligibility?

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Hi everyone,

I'm about to finish my college in Winter 2014 as a CIS student. I'm looking forward to taking the CEH by then end of this year in order to have a better chance of being employed (maybe? :D). However, I came across the 2-year requirement which I completely lack off if I choose the self-studying path.

Anyone already took the test can tell me how they VUE verify experience? Can I ask a professor in my department to be my "supervisor?"

Another question is how a potential employer/recruiter weight between OSCP and CEH certifications? Since OSCP is only $750 but including 30-day lab access and lecture and OSCP seems to be more practical.


Thank you.


  • lsud00dlsud00d Member Posts: 1,571
    OSCP and CEH is apples to oranges.

    OSCP is demonstrable skills and is completely hands-on in a lab setting. CEH is a multiple choice test that is comparable (but more difficult) to the Security+.
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    I just finished the CEH -- went through the online class and such.

    I think I may do OSCP next if I can continue to develop and hone my skills. From what I understand, OSCP is pretty intense and like lsud00d says, it's about demonstrable skills, not necessarily academic knowledge.
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