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I've been out of IT world at least working day to day as a technician since 2005. My current role unfortunately means I don't touch the technology nearly as much anymore but do work with, interact and essentially find ways to get a project completed. I recently applied for a systems analyst position and was shocked to get an interview. I'm sure having recent and current certifications did help but I suppose my question now is what should I expect at the interview? I've not interviewed in a long time. I'm hoping I've not become too rusty over the years. I would expect I'm up against some firm competition as it's a desirable employer with good benefits and decent pay. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some sort of test administered before/after the interview to gauge skills required for the job. Actually the more I thought about it the more I came to the conclusion if I were the employer I'd administer a test just to thin the heard lol.


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    Usually you have to go through HR first and they ask you general questions on your resume and see if you are a good fit for the role. If they judge you are qualified for the position depending on how big the firm is they might ask you for background checks/references. Once that is done, most firms will ask you to do a technical interview. The technical interview is the scary part because you can pretty much bullshit your way through the whole process up to here.
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    Luckily no bull and I intend to keep it that way sink or swim. When it comes to job interviews I'd rather be honest vs fluff it up. I'm at the interview stage now. Well all I can do is hope they don't spring anything out of the ordinary at me in terms of questions or tests. The unknown is whats irritating. When we sit an exam we get ready for it, know what it's about and go for it.
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    Just remember to stay positive and confident!! Good luck icon_thumright.gif
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