Cyber Competitions and markeyability?

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Hello everyone!
My school is really trying to get me on board with some competitions, but I really don't think they're worth doing. I am not currently certified, but I am working towards the usual CompTIA certs and RHCSA. Is it worth taking hours out of studying for said certs just for a competition? I know stuff like the CCDC can land you a job (assuming you win or come in second), but what about the National Cyber League (NCL), Cisco NetRiders, etc.?

Just wanted to get the opinion of maybe a hiring manager or someone that's had competition experience.
Thanks for any information!


  • networker050184networker050184 Mod Posts: 11,962 Mod
    It certainly will not hurt and definitely something to add to the resume as a new grad with no real world experience. I'd say go for it.
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    Yes, they are definitely valuable. I have a CTF exercise in an 'Extracurricular' section of my resume and I have had interviewers/recruiters specifically tell me that it caught their eye, and the ones who know what the event is award more merit to it as well. Here's a few reasons I've drummed up why it improves my marketability:

    It allows me to demonstrate knowledge and skills outside of what's in the experience section of my resume.
    It pairs well with the Security+ (and Linux+ to an extent).
    It shows that I take initiative and do things on my own and outside of work because I enjoy it.
    It provides evidence that I work well in a team setting since these are team events.

    Also I met a great group of guys/girls, learned a LOT, and have increased my professional network and connections. I continually see several people at other security events and we always have a good time.

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    I work for a security company and my managers attend certain "cyber competitions" to recruit for new talent. So it's definitely worth it.
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    Thanks guys!
    I'll start taking some of the competitions more seriously, as it seems they are actually worth doing. I ended up participating in NetRiders. The top five students in each school move on, so we'll see what happens.
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    Network, network, network (as in the social kind). More often then not you will find that networking will land you the jobs you actually want.
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