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Since i've highjacked everyone else's threads in some form or another, i'll go ahead and make my own. I FRICKIN' PASSED!!!!! icon_cheers.gif
As soon as the score is processed, graduation proceedings start, and I am done baby!

Now for the particulars: I used the IT governance book that's suggested in the COS, the ISO standards print outs, all the files that the course mentor provides. I also took my CISSP Shon Harris book with me just in case. Had everything neatly organized in a pair of binders for ease of search. Finished in 55 minutes with a score of 84.3%, not spectacular, but i'll take it. Although I will say when the first checkpoint hit with a score of 73% I kinda got a little worried.

At any rate, aside from upgrading my MCSA to 2012, I really don't have a concrete plan of what I want to do next. More than likely CCNA:Sec and I have to do my FCNSA for work, but that's going to be a cake walk. I may go for the CISSP, eCPPT, or the OSCP. But now, i'm going to finish out my work day, and celebrate a bit!

Any questions or advice needed, please ask.
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    Congratulations on the pass, and on completing the MSISA program! I may take you up on the advice.

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    What files as i havent seen the mentor post any?
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    What files i didnt see any from her
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    @Hypntick - congratulations on a job well done! Good luck in the next stage of your career!
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    To everyone, thanks for the congrats. cutch69, if you email her directly, she has about 10 files that she can send to you, each with varying degrees of usefulness. It's also helpful to attend one of the webinars she does, if for no other reason than to get a general idea of the exam. I think waiting until the very end to take this helped a lot as other course material (risk management in particular), built a pretty solid groundwork of knowledge to prepare you for this thing, however that's just my experience with it.
    WGU BS:IT Completed June 30th 2012.
    WGU MS:ISA Completed October 30th 2013.
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    So i email wendy she has no clue what i am talking about can you send me the files
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    @cutch69 check your inbox.

    Got the cert in the mail today, super fast shipping! Also, one of the nicest certs i've seen, love the frame they send with it. I expected the analyst number to be higher than the 1400 that it was...
    WGU BS:IT Completed June 30th 2012.
    WGU MS:ISA Completed October 30th 2013.
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