Am I crazy for turning down free CCIE training?



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    he is such thing happened.....just checking people's respond
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    @kaami100 I'm kidding?!? You do not know me or anything about my organization so please keep your comments to yourself.

    @N2IT I highly doubt I would get time to study at work. If memory serves me right when I started working there we had a talk regarding certifications and he made a remark stating that it sounds great but to study on my time not his. Of course since I was new at the time I just brushed it off and said of course thats understandable.

    @Roy well if you read my previous posts you would've noticed I mentioned I'm currently studying for my ccnp. The passion is there and I'm studying for personal knowledge not to benefit my company hence why I'm keeping it quiet. My boss doesn't fathom the amount of time and dedication it takes to get it and even then there still there is no guarantee. Frankly I wouldn't be surprised if he was ok with me cheating my way through as long as I have that number.
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