Passed 801!

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Hello techexams, I finally got around to taking the 801 even though I started off studying for the 7 series tests. I passed with an 816. I have the 802 scheduled for later on in the week and I am assuming it should be fairly easy like the 801.

Thus far I have used exam cram 801/802 as well as Jean Andrews A+ 2009. I have also used Proffessor Messer and I have about a year of Desktop support under my belt.

I am currently enrolled in the Cisco Acadamy at my local community college in hopes of obtaining my CCNA along with my A.A.S. My question is which certification should I go after next. I feel as though Net+ may be redundant. Would Sec+ make more sense or should I look into something like server+ or a linux cert? I have experiance with both servers and linux and both areas interest me somewhat but I know networking is where I want to be in the future. What do y'all think?



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    Congrats on the pass icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congratz. It all depends on your interest. Would you rather work in a NOC environment or a system admin role. If NOC then I would go Cisco route and if system admin role then I would look at win 8 exams.
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    PCSPreston wrote: »
    Congratz. It all depends on your interest. Would you rather work in a NOC environment or a system admin role. If NOC then I would go Cisco route and if system admin role then I would look at win 8 exams.

    And to add to this:

    In the area I live, there are very few "purest" roles or jobs. NOC jobs just dont exist within 75 miles of here, pure system admin jobs where you are supporting just servers are less common but not rare.

    However, jobs where the duties include just about everything you can imagine are everywhere. Around here, it seems "system admin" is another word for jack of all trades (they want CCNA/MCSA/VoIP knowledge/etc). In the 6 months I have been looking, i have seen less than 5 pure networking jobs within 60 miles of where I live.

    Something to consider with your locality. Research what type of work is available, then align your goals with what is out there (unless you are ok with moving).

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    That is a great point. Where I live, even though it is the largest city in the state, it really is still a very small city and most jobs I am seeing are requiring a "Jack of All Trades." I am fine with moving as I really don't have anything tying me down at this point in my life. I happen to have the certification guide for MTA: Server Admin. Would that be a good starting point for windows or would you suggest just starting the MCSA?
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    Congrats! :)
    Research is probably your best bet for finding jobs in your area. Look for positions you want and see what certs are required/preferred. MCSA 2012 leads to a variety of higher Msoft certs, where you can specialize in servers/desktops/exchange/etc so that's not a bad start!
    MTA seems not as well recognized as CompTIA's certs Net+/A+/SEC+ which would be a good foundational start if you are concerned with learning the fundamentals, so I'd pursue those rather than the MTA if you feel you need that type of cert/knowledge. Good luck!
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    Thanks for the input! Yes I agree the MTA may be too entry level. I think I will focus my next certification efforts towards getting the Sec+. Maybe after that focus on some vendor certs.
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