Just registered to TechExams (and need help on sim)

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Hello all!

just registered to Techexams

I've always reading posts and gain information from threads

Thanks to all =)

I am now moving on to ICND1 and 2 was looking for study materials, and found out i might need a sim

I am currently using my macbook air for study and found out simulations might not work on OSX.

Anyone knows sim for CCENT that works on OSX?


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    I think Cisco Packet Tracer is out there for Mac...
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    I have no idea if Packet tracer will work on mac. https://discussions.apple.com/message/22544424#22544424. That link may help you. GNS3 may help you but its a bit more to it then Packet Tracer. Graphical Network Simulator - GNS3
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    I have a Macbook Air as well.

    I used GNS3 natively in OS X. Then I used Virtualbox to create a Windows VM (I shrunk Windows 7's installation to save hard drive space. You can use something like vlite to do that.) On the VM I installed Packet tracer.

    I primarily used GNS3, and liked it the best. Takes a bit to get it up and running, but it's well worth it. I used Packet Tracer to practice the little switching that was on the ICND1 tho, since switching is barely existent in GNS3.

    Note: Packet tracer is a sim. GNS3 is not a sim, but an emulator.
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