Wondering if those who took this test first time out did well on their SAT's or ACT's

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As this is a standardized test, I know through my own experience that this test was TOUGH, with a capital 'T.' There are those who will say people who don't test well aren't smart enough to take the exam, but I disagree. My own learning disability aside, I passed the test. It took me three tries to do it, but I passed. Here's the thing: Once someone with a learning disability, or knows English as a second language taking the test in English,--combined with a lot of experience and passion for InfoSec--takes this test and passes it, the world has a powerful force in the making. It took me about a year, but I have made a name for myself in the Information Security community since passing this exam. My Interstellar Resume' was not enough to get me noticed without that coveted Certification.
For those who are smart, but don't 'do' standardized testing well, remember that it is your many strengths and your passion that got you where you are in the first place. I think that those who are like me who took a couple or more tries, brings an additional insight to the table in problem solving, Risk Assessing, when compared to other test-takers who pass this test the first time around, not to mention a profound sense of accomplishment and relief. One thing I learned after passing this test: There's almost nothing that will stop me in this world from doing what I want to do for myself and my family, especially with something I feel passionate about such as Information Security. Heck, ask around...most people can't get me to shut up about InfoSec, especially since I passed, because I feel like no one can tell me I don't know this topic now!
I promise, I am not marginalizing anyone's work or efforts, as this test was a crucible for about 98% of the people who take it, and even the two percent who pass this test under the 3 hour mark will admit that even THEY could not have adequately prepared themselves for what they saw on the test. I am trying to be a cheering section for those who struggle. PLEASE don't give up. If you're at the 600 or above mark, take the test again, as you are closer than you think.


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    I took the PSAT my junior year and I honestly don't remember my score but it was above average. However I only took the ACT once hung over as well and scored a 23 on it, almost cost me an opportunity to go to the school I wanted too. (24) was the admission level then. I took the ASVAB for fun, I was doing IT work at the MEPS and scored a 80 something on the exam which they said is the equivalent of a 27 I think. I view myself as your run of the mill guy who is average straight across the board.
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    Odd post, but I think he is correlating success in passing the CISSP (it is implied) to success with the SATs or ACTs and standardized testing in general. It is my guess that this was posted in the CISSP forum originally.
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    What test are you talking about? I am not sure which tests you are comparing.
    I took the ACT and got a 28 I think. I didn't end up going to college until much later anyway. I was still able to use that score oddly enough.
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    Well, well, is ...... well relative. For one person an 18 could be a good score I know in some states that's higher than the average. For someone else unless they hit a 30 or so they didn't do so well because they missed out on a bright flight scholarship.
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    The CISSP was one of the easiest exams I wrote but i was heavy into security for years before-hand.

    I don't see the co-relation to a SAT/GMAT scenario and i've always been a 3.8 student they're not even remotely similar in terminology or format.
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    First time I took the SAT's I scored a 980 I believe. Took it two more times along with tutoring and ended up with a 1170. I always crushed the English part, it was the math that always did me in. That being said I've never put much stock in tests and I didn't think the SAT's would ever be compared to the CISSP.
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    I don't even remember what I got.....
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