PMP Study Guides for PMBOK v5 out yet?

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Anyone know if any are out, and if so, has anyone bought (and if so, what are you impressions)? I realize older ones are still very similar and maybe worth considering, but I'm thinking it might be best to stand pat for now and wait till v5 study guides come out to maximize my bang for the buck.


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    Wow, 70 looks without an answer....well I have this to pass along from PMI (if you weren't already aware):
    The PMP and all other certification exams have been updated to reflect the changes to the PMBOK Guide-Fifth Edition. The exam is no longer available on the Fourth Edition.

    The PMBOK® Guide-Fifth Edition continues to reflect the evolving knowledge within the profession of project management. Like previous editions it represents generally recognized good practice in the profession.

    The Fifth Edition continues the tradition of excellence in project management with a standard that is easy to understand and implement.

    The major updates to the Fifth Edition are summarized below:
    • The content from Section 3 "The Standard for Project Management of a Project" has been moved to Annex A1. The new Section 3 addresses project management processes and Process Groups as in previous editions.
    • A new Knowledge Area has been created called "Project Stakeholder Management" that increases the focus on identifying and engaging stakeholders. This increases the number of Knowledge Areas from nine to ten.
    • Four planning processes have been added to reinforce the concept that each major Knowledge Area has a planning process focusing on how that area will be planned and executed.
    It is estimated only a small percentage of examination items/questions require updates that directly address actual changes in the standards. As a regular part of the examination update process, PMI continually develops new questions that replace older questions on a periodic schedule rather than upon the immediate update/change of a particular reference.

    A complete list of changes between the 4th and 5th Editions of the PMBOK Guide®® can be found in appendix X1(Page 463) of the PMBOK Guide®®--5th Edition.
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