how heavy are ms certs after a+ & n+ ?

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Just wondering how hard you guys found the MS certifications after getting the grounding with the A+ and N+ ?

I generally get to gribs with learning how to do stuff on a system quite fast, what really gets me is things that just has to be "Learned by heart" like port numbers and the like.

I'm thinking of going for an MCSA, just to save a few bob on the test that can be covered with A+ or N+. (Money's kinda tight at the moment icon_mad.gif and I think it'd be roughly 300 Euros just for the actual exams.)



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    cheebliecheeblie Member Posts: 288
    I haven't actually taken any Microsoft exams yet, but I am studying for 70-270 and it seems considerably harder that either A+ or Network+. Since you say that you pick up "How-To's" very fast it may in fact be easier for you. The main difference between these tests is that all of CompTIA's exams are very broad and give no specifics on each subject. They're meant to apply to all computer systems, not just those of Microsoft. Microsoft exams are much more focused and force you to know every feature of their products and when/how to implement them. As long as you have no problem answering questions on various scenarios, rather than straight up fact type questions (i.e. What is .....?), then you shouldn't have too much trouble with the Microsoft exams.

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