CISM and CISA experience requirements (and "proving")

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Hi, I'm considering going for one of these but wondering if I can show sufficient "proof." I'm a military retiree who worked for many years in comm/computer shops, and so naturally did a lot of security and auditing, although my "official" title was more generic.

Appreciate anyone with insights about what proof is normally required, how "nit picky" they get, how do they review it etc.


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    I just recently went through the process this past June. Take a look at the online CISA (or CISM) application. You simply need to list previous employment where your duties touched on the domains of the certification and provide contact information for each so it can be verified by previous managers or supervisors. The application goes on to have you 'check-off' the requisite skills within the domains that you performed at each of the employers.

    Honestly, the CISA application was much quicker and less cumbersome than the CISSP - mainly because you don't have to have an existing member 'sponsor' your application.

    Good luck!
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    Reiterating what dover said. Not sure what your MOS, Rating, AFSC, etc, was but you can search Google on the title of "jobs" and look in the relevant descriptions for where they touched in the domains. If you PM me offline I'll see if I can help you out.
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