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I am rather new to certifications and online studying. I spent many weeks in night classes studying for my Comptia Certifications. I spent 3 weeks taking a 10 thousand dollar MCSA Microsoft approved course not to mention weeks on top of that studying. Unfortunatley I took the MCSA course early last year and had not since found the time to register and take the tests. To be honest I think I more feared the tests than anything. I set myself a goal to finish the certifications this year.

I took my first test this week and one hard reality hit me.

A site I used to help prep for the exam for the first time, which I was under the impression was not a **** site, turned out to be such a site, as was realized after my first posting to this forum was deleted. To be honest I was quite suprised to find that the questions on the test were so similar. After investigating as to the curiosity of my deleted post I have since educated myself in becoming more aware of ethical testing. It was never my intent to '****' the test, and to be honest I myself feel cheated, since I felt I knew my material and skills very well (maybe lacking a little in the RIS area). Man does this sucks!

I still have 5 certifications in both Microsoft and Comptia to complete. I am hoping to put this bad experience behind me and work towards proving my certification worthiness by passing these other exams using mainly references from this site. I only wish I had been more active and involved with this forum, as I now desire to be.

Your site is awesome, I am greatful there is a community like this willing to help others pass the exams ethically. Thanks for providing such a service.


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    Wise decision. I guess after all this time, the BD bunch has discovered the key to looking "respectable", but that's one of the keys to a successful con job.

    At least you have taken control of the situation, and you're still enthusiastic about the whole process. And, all of these certs upgrade in the future, so in a couple of years, you can have the chance to prove your "...certification worthiness" by upgrading you certificate by legitimate methods.

    Good luck for the future.
    "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!"--Rafiki
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    Ricka182Ricka182 Member Posts: 3,359
    This site will help over and over. It is by far one of the most ethical and honestly good resources you'll find. Not to mention the support form others also helps a bit. Welcome aboard!
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