Network issue help, not sure if this is where you post.

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Thanks for viewing and sorry if this is the wrong place to post about this. I am deploying the Symantec End Point Management client but it wont take, I already have made my peace with this as I am trying to troubleshoot it as we speak but that's not my issue. I am having a hard time trying to understand why this is happening, if anyone can clear this up would be great. The is issue is that when I type IPCONFIG from the client computer I get the IP ADDRESS, ok not a problem and then I type out TRACERT to make sure the computer name matches up. When I go back to my office and type TRACERT for the IP ADDRESS from the client I get a whole different computer name. I double check to make sure its the correct IP ADDRESS and it is. Thus I PING the new computer name that I got from TRACERT at my computer. The results are a completely different IP ADDRESS...why and what is wrong...any insight or a point in the right direction would be great. Additional information is that where in the same subnet and domain.

Thanks and sorry if this is the wrong area to post this.


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    If I am understanding this correctly it sounds like a name resolution issue. The wrong IP address is attached to the wrong name.

    I would check the DNS, make sure that the client is being directed to the right DNS server.
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    Exactly thats what I been thinking here at my desk just now and since this has been happening since i started working here. Im still feel entry level but it was pointing to it. The IT manager wont give me access to the DNS server but i'll have to run that across him to let him know. He might not get to it but I can't finish my project because SEMP will not install on the client computer. the SEMP is giving client computers here BSOD with the teefer2.sys error...smh...

    Is there anything that I can do on my end with out having to get direct access to the DNS server?

    Thanks for the reply!
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    Hmm, Well without access to the DNS server I would do a tracert on the client computer, then again on the technician computer with both the UNC and IP for each and record what the result is.

    If the results show that they are going in different directions or not even going through the same ip addresses then it could be an issue where they are on different networks but have the same name (Which should really be brought to the Admin's attention) and are simply not on the proper network.

    Do everything you can to gather as much information about where the problem is exactly regarding the name resolution. This makes it easier for everyone when trying to pinpoint where the issue lies.

    As for teefer2.sys that looks like something you'll have to contact Symantic about as it is their product and they should be able to provide you with support on it.
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    thanks man, im working on it now
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