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unable to route RI----R2
as R1 cannot sent packets to R3 nd vice versa... but R2 can send to both.

I m just a begginer.


  • pastiebpastieb Posts: 5Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    have you set a routing protocol or static route on the routers?
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    Where is your topology? Routing 101, show us your topology so we can assist you.
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    Some things to check:

    1) Are all the relevant Interfaces Up/Up?
    2) Are both ends of each Link on the same subnet?
    3) Are the links from R1 - R2 and R2 - R3 on separate subnets?
    4) Have you created the necessary static routes? Or, are you using a routing protocol?
    5) Do you have the necessary routes in both directions? If you ping the other router, do you see "Unreachable" (Lack of Route) or "Timed Out" (Lack of Return Route)?
    6) If you are using a routing protocol are the routers forming the necessary adjacencies (show ip ospf neighbor, show ip eigrp neighbor)
    7) Have you configured the correct networks in EIGRP/OSPF? (show ip protocols)
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    R1 and R3 need to know that in order to get to each other they have to go through R2. You can do this by static routes or a routing protocol.
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    Do you have clocking configured on the DCE side of the serial link between the routers?
  • Dieg0MDieg0M Posts: 861Member
    I love how everyone here is shooting darts in the dark. First rule of networking; provide us as much information as you can. This means topology, router configurations and interface status at the least.
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