How to know when you are ready to test?

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Hey all,

I am curious how you knew and/or how you recommend knowing when you are ready to test for the CISSP. I am scheduled to test Dec. 7th and I trying to make sure all my bases are covered prior to testing.

I have read Conrads study guide v2 once, and I am in the process of reading it through again, same applies for 11th hour. I'm averaging 70% and up to 80-85% on paid version of CCCure questions depending on the domain. I'm also using the Sunflower 1.1 PDF and using Harris' AIO as a reference as well as some transcender (although I find these easier than CCCure's questions).

My question is, how did those that have passed the CISSP get to a point where they felt confident to test? Sometimes I will do great on a practice quiz or feel confident while reading about a domain and other times not so much and then it makes me second guess if I will do well on the exam.

Any feedback is appreciated!


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    Personally, I felt comfortable when I was beginning to answer new quiz questions before finishing the question itself. It really depends on your memory, comfort with the material and mental outlook for the exam. Are you to the point where your sick of thinking about the exam and just want it over? Does your mind feel as though trying to squeeze one more detail feel trite or bored with the material (mastery)?

    I can only tell you that I was over prepared for the exam and was ready to have it over with. Well, still had to wait nearly 7 weeks for the results, which felt like agony going over the few questions I wasn't sure of or went back to review and decided I must have chosen the wrong answer for some oddball question that was most likely a test question. You know the ones that feel like they come out of the left bleacher section. In my case I had one on forensics that just sent me for a loop - and I have some experience and training in forensics. Still clobbered me to the point of paranoia.icon_study.gif

    In the end all I wanted was the pass. Like I said, I was over prepared and found the exam to be no big deal other than the preparation and glad to have it over. Many people will also tell you that the CISSP is worth more to folks who DON'T have it than the people who DO. Besides, if you had access to the actual numbers of CISSPs off the website, you'd see a huge uptick in new certs. So, its not that hard to pass. Its really about your mental state and preparation than anything else.

    Good luck, study hard and keep your head straight and you'll be fine.

    - B Eads
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    Thanks for the feedback beads. I think with the collection of resources I have (Conrad Study Guide v2, 11th Hour, Harris AIO, CCCure, Sunflower PDF 1.1 etc) and dedication to preparing that I should be ready to pass come December 7th
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    Oh trust me its keeping that discipline up even when its about the last thing next oral surgery, keeping it up when it becomes a discipline. Currently preparing for the HCISPP exam and some of the material can only be compared to Ambien - the sleep aid.

    Good luck and write when your stumped on something or need the TechExam cheer leading squad! icon_lol.gif

    - B Eads
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    I have gotten the same score from cccure, I learn the correct answers through studying and not getting the correct answer just because i have done it before. While doing cccure, if your good at selecting the best answer or best chronological answer. Then your most likely lately. If you want additional pratice, i will recommend GISP practice over studiscope due to the price and practice experince. GISP is 150 usd for 250 questuons (used once) and i found the exam experince very close to the real cissp exam itself.
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    I was confident when I was getting around an 80 on the Transcender full sim. They've been known for overkill since I've been in IT. Did you do the full exam sim? The full exam sim (in any practice suite) is a completely different experience than casually doing 50-100 questions, or domain specific questions. I was getting high 80's and 90's on the AIO Harris quizzer. Took the full Transcender exam sim initially and got a 67.
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