Prospective employer lied to me...

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I interviewed for a job almost 2 months ago and never heard anything so assumed I didn't get it. Well, they called me yesterday asking if I was still interested. I asked what happened with the position and they told me that the position was never filled and that HR closed it before they could fill it...I thought that was kind of strange. Well, my girlfriends co-worker's husband actually works there (not in IT) and he said that they did actually hire someone and he quit after 2 weeks because he didn't like it. Apparently the guy they hired had other job offers and wanted to try this job out first but quit after 2 weeks for another job.

To be honest, I'm concerned that they lied to me and wonder what they're trying to hide. Am I over-reacting to this? Should I confront them about this or just leave it alone? What do you guys think?


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    I wouldn't take it personally--it's a topic of sensitive nature. Especially since you don't know all of the details...don't worry about it.
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    I wouldn't read too much into it, this kind of thing happens all the time just mostly you never see their inner workings.
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    I would not read into this because honestly it is not your business to know what happen with the position. They may have lied to you but they do not know you know someone there. One other question are you sure girlfriend's coworker friend was not lying or maybe they had two IT positions open.
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    No he's not lying, has no reason to. I specifically asked them if more positions opened up or if the guy they hired quit and they specifically told me that they didn't get to hire anyone because HR closed it. That's why I was concerned with the bold face lie, but you guys might be right about not looking into it too much. I'm just a bit weary because I don't want to put myself in the same situation as my previous job where it turned out to be a bad experience.

    I was also hoping I could get your opinions on salary for this position based on the job description? I have my own idea that I want to compare to the opinions of those of you with more experience/wisdom.

    Here it is:
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    Sometimes it's better to have things unanswered. This is one of those times. I'm not sure why they would lie about something like this, but it's not worth the risk to dig around.
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    Personally I think it was done to keep them out of a position of weakness when it comes down to money. They hired someone who decided to leave after 2 weeks, they are in a jam and went with #2 on the list. After 2 months they know a lot of people they liked aren't going to still be around. So they tell you it was an error. Armed with the knowledge you have of the situation you might be able to eek out another $1 or $2 an hour out of it.
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    This is a good point, I didn't think about that. Mind giving me your opinion on what kind of pay I could expect based on the job description above?
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    I will tell you this sounds like a pretty much Junior Admin / Desktop Administrator position. I know in the NJ / NY Area this position can be between 45k to 60k depending on expierence. I am not sure where you are in Cali but I know the LA area wages are very similiar to Ny / NJ area.
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    Haunt wrote: »
    This is a good point, I didn't think about that. Mind giving me your opinion on what kind of pay I could expect based on the job description above?

    You could ask where the salary range is from the company.
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    It's probably company policy to not discuss it and that was just an easy thing to say in place. I wouldn't take it personal as others have said.
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    hey man, I'd look at it as a blessing. Especially if you need/want the job and it meets your needs financially. You know the saying, one man's trash is another man's treasure!
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    This is very true, have to admit that. I was in contact with them again and am going to be meeting tomorrow to discuss more. Gonna take that opportunity to try and iron out some big concerns I have, like travel.

    When they called me yesterday, they asked me quite a few questions about how I'd feel about having to travel across states to other locations for extended periods of time (something not mentioned at all in the job description) and in situations travel with just 24 hours notice. At the moment I said I was open to it, but after some thought that is a very serious commitment that I'm not sure I'm willing to make. I need to find out how often travel will be required and whether a company car is provided for in-state travel.

    I also agree with thenjduke on this being a Jr. Sys Admin/Desktop Admin type role based on the job description, but when I interviewed with them 2 months ago they made it sound like it was primarily helpdesk/end-user support with very little to no Jr. Sys Admin level work, very contradictory to the job description. That is something I need to get to the bottom of tomorrow as I do not want to go back to a strictly helpdesk role.
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    Well, I think I have a different answer.

    It depends on your job prospects. If you think you can get the same kind of position for the same rate, then I would be more inclined to go with the other positions. I value a company giving me the true details or "We can't share that due to confidentiality.". It shows signs of an organized company to give you either of those responses... Trying to hide it without offending you may be someone not doing their job very well which should be controlled by management. Again, this is a ton of assumptions but that's why I said if you can find the same kind of thing then I would lean toward that.
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    I would suggest you pass on this job. No reason to go into a new job as antagonistic as your choice of words suggests you are.
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    If after 2 months you are still available and you are their 2nd choice...I don't know...might be the way it is meant to be.

    Frankly, I wouldn't take it at this point myself. However, you need to decide is this the sort of job you are looking for? If it is, then you may need to take it. If it is not, then pass.
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    I'm not a big fan of being lied to either, but the HR people may have been too busy to come up with a "better" explanation. They got put in a spot and what they said was the best they could come up with. Unfortunately, HR is one of the VERY few roles in a company I could give some latitude to in that regard, simply because they often times CAN'T tell the whole truth given the sensitive nature of their work.

    Conversely. . .there are often better ways to deflect a question/situation without telling outright lies, and I wish more people would try harder in that regard-- even folks in sensitive roles I'm willing to cut some slack with. It disappoints me that some people don't seem try to try hard enough, or that it's not important enough to them to even give the issue a thought.
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    New development, so they contacted me again and have explained to me that HR has not finalized the position and salary and can not officially offer me the position, however they want to give me an "interim" offer at $XX/hour (it's a good wage to me) and have me start this Monday. I find this a bit strange so I asked how long until HR finalizes everything for an official offer and he said probably around Thanksgiving. I told him I would think about it and give him an answer tomorrow.

    What do you all make of this? For one thing, all this has been over the phone so I have nothing in writing even though I've tried to get them to correspond in email. I think they want to try me out to see if they want to keep me before they give me an official offer, do you guys agree? I want to ask in an e-mail (so it's in writing) confirming the interim pay he offered me and also asking if there's a possibility they can decrease the pay once HR finalizes everything and extends an official offer. The last thing I want is to work there for a couple of weeks at $XX/hour and then have an official offer that's less than that, you know?

    Any other questions or issues you guys think I should ask and get cleared up? Any advice would be helpful as I've never been in a situation like this. Thanks!
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    Unless you absolutely need the gig, decline the position. The interview and offer negotiation process is the courtship, and accepting the job is the marriage. If the courtship is this rough, what makes you think the marriage will be any better?

    Alternately, if you're willing to put up with that crap and you want to try out the gig, tell them you'll work at a rate a few bucks an hour higher than what they offered you as a contract-to-hire for 3-6 months. Treat it like you're doing them a favor (which it sounds like you would be doing), and that puts a firm date on the table for when HR will have to have a full-time offer on the table. Meanwhile, keep accepting interviews and don't be afraid to GTFO if they don't get it together. To go back to my earlier comparison, if they really want you, they'll put a ring on it.
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    If you're working out the compensation, you need to decide how much you want to be compensated for travel, overnight stays, etc. If the base salary is sufficient for that, cool.

    I just don't want you to get burned out after you get lots of short-notice overnight travel and start feeling underpaid and overworked.

    I'd advise you to get something in writing first.

    If the amount makes you happy after considering travel, weekends, etc., then I can't argue with you.

    Hope this helps.
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    Mate, this may sound harsh, but every employer i have come across either bigs themselves up or "lies" about opportunities imo.

    If a guy has previously been hired and left in such a short amount of time, then that sends massive alarm bells off in my head. There is no point in asking why anyway cos they cant divulge private information. I would give it a miss if i were you. When a company has a large turnover of staff or people leave in a hurry then you know something is up mate.
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    @nel: That's not harsh at all. This a very mercenary field, and to get ahead, you need to think like the employer to understand what they're after. This whole situating should set off alarm bells for any job seeker.

    And everyone that's said to get everything offered in writing (preferably, on company letterhead) is absolutely correct.
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  • HauntHaunt Member Posts: 62 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Do you guys think it is likely or that they would have the audacity to offer me less money with an official offer later on? That's mainly what I want to get straight answer on.

    Would it be too much to ask him for a definitive answer regarding that?
  • The TechnomancerThe Technomancer Member Posts: 96 ■■□□□□□□□□
    @Haunt: Not if they want to keep you. If they aren't satisfied with your services, they'll lowball you so that you quit rather than them having to be liable for unemployment by letting you go. If you're cool with the idea of a trial period, ask for a short term contract (at a slightly inflated rate, because a concession from you is worth money) and continue your job search while working for them. Otherwise, ask for the real offer, in writing.

    If you're that worried about the company, just decline the role. You're welcome to hit me up in private messages as well if you want to go into more detail. My credentials are here -- you don't get as far as I have with no degree and one nearly-expired cert without knowing how to play the game.
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    Thanks for the advice and that is a good point you brought up. I tried private messaging you but it doesn't look like I can since I think you're private messaging ability is disabled because you're a new member :/
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    Well, that explains why I got an error when I tried to send you one!

    I added my Skype info to my profile. Hit me up there, or over LinkedIn.
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    Hey! Thanks for the offer, I actually don't have Skype or a LinkedIn account. Do you mind if we chat in a TinyChat chatroom? It's a free chat website and doesn't require signing up or installing software. I'm in chatroom I created, just click this link and select to join as a guest.

    Really appreciate it!
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    I will never understand LinkedIn's InMail rules.
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