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I've been told by many people that you can only take the Cisco and Microsoft exams so many times, and each time the pass rate is raised. The thought of failing and being banned from ever taking the test again scares the hell out of me, though I would prefer to think positively and look forward to a pass. ;)

However, I recently looked on and didn't see anything regarding this. Does it actually exist, or did my teachers fool me? ;_;

My other question was about taking the test online. I hear they give you this option, though I intend to take it at a test centre. Is this only for people who already possess the CCNA and simply wish to renew it?

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    Oh, and one more question :)

    Those individuals who obtain a CCNP or CCIE...are they required to renew all certifications every few years, or just the highest one? When a person obtains their CCNP do they have two exams or does the CCNA simply "evolve?"

    Present goals: MCAS, MCSA, 70-680
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    They will take your money as many times as you want to give it to them. You cant take any online, they are all proctored, there is no honor system with Cisco, MS, or Comptia. CCNA/CCDA CCNP/SP/DP/IP expire in three years time, if you take a test from the next highest level (i.e. if you have a CCNA and take an 642-xxx Professional test) it will keep them current. CCIE doesnt expire.
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    CCIE doesnt expire.
    I don't know where you're getting your info, but you need to read this:

    Although you don't have to take the lab to recertify, you still must take the written every two years or you lose your certification.
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