Taking a break from "certifying"

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I know I am new to certs and IT, but after I complete this A+ I am thinking of taking a month or so off from studying/prepping for exams and doing something I have always wanted to do and pick up a language (php or ruby or ???). Or maybe something else If I see an interesting idea in here...

Does anyone else take breaks, if so what do you guys do or plan to do?


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    After I get my MCITP I was going to learn French. Different language than Php or Ruby but still useful :)
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    I tend to go in cyclical patterns. Its study study study take an exam, pass, feels good! Study Study Study take two exams, pass, feels good! Study Study Study take three exams, fail one pass two, feel okay. Study Study Study take three exams, fail two, pass one, doubt is creeping in big time. Study Study Study take one exam, fail, feel like a miserable wreck. Study Study Study Study Study retake the exam, pass, run from certifications for 3 months. =D

    Or to simplify -> I study and am confident, I continually add more to my plate until I can no longer process data, confidence shattered/burnt out, take a 3 month sabbatical to get my head screwed on straight and jump back on the horse.

    And I have been wanting to pick up Latin, you cant code in it, but eh...
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    I like to take a week or so off after passing a Certification; I find it allows me to chill out and mentally prepare for another round of studying!
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