McAfee / Stonesoft Certification

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So apparently McAfee recently bought out a company called Stonesoft who produces Next-Gen Firewalls and IPS. I just got an opportunity to get fully certified in the product. Pretty early on, but I think this could be a good investment. Anyone certified or know anything about it?


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    I had a presentation when I was in Germany back in 2012 with Stonesoft. It was mostly about bypassing common IDS/IPS by brute forcing generated polymorphic signatures. To avoid this, they generated their own signatures and had a huge database to avoid this kind of evasion technique. I would highly recommend their product but I don't know how the actual training is.
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    I heard a presentation from them a year ago at the Upstate SC ISSA meeting. Sounded like a good product at the time. This was the first I had heard of them being acquired.
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    LOL! I guess I have been hiding under a rock:
    Unless you have been hiding under a rock somewhere you cannot fail to have noticed that on May 6, 2013, security vendor McAfee, Inc. entered into a combination agreement with the intent to acquire Finnish security firm Stonesoft Corporation for $389 million in cash.
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    LOL...I hadn't heard about it until the training opportunity came up
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    Ha! I can't believe you didn't know they were acquired, idiot! I can't tell if that's hyperbole or if they're being serious.

    Good luck, Nova. Keep us posted.
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    NSS has always struck me as a bit full of themselves. I interviewed with them once upon a time, and they seemed very arrogant/condescending in the way they handled the interview.
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    This may be another bombshell to some of you, but Intel Corp bought McAfee back in 2010.
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