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I feel fairly confident about any multiple choice questions, but I'm not so sure about the Performance based questions. The practice tests I've taken don't even have them. If a multiple choice question is asked about what command to use for X situation I'm usually able to answer that, but I feel like if I'm just told "Do this" and given a command line I may not know what to do, especially since I have particular trouble with switches for each command.

Anyway how would you recommend preparing for the performance based questions? Are there some exercises you did? I tried finding a list of exercises, but came up with nothing.


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    Look at the exam objectives, if you see something that says "Use Ping" or "Use IPCONFIG" you are going to want to know what the syntax for those commands are and when/how to use them and why you would use NSLOOKUP over PING. A lot of it has to do with just doing what the objectives are asking you to be familiar with. Cramming information into your head is great, but if you don't know how or when to use a specific command even though you know them all then it doesn't really help you.
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