Just got a promotion and demotion at the same time

W StewartW Stewart Member Posts: 794 ■■■■□□□□□□
Edit: So the company I worked for changed all of our titles so that titles can be standardized across all of our data centers. My title got changed along with the rest of the Jr adminis to server support III which I was a little disappointed about, especially since I asked if I could be promoted to systems administrator which was renamed to jr administrator in our department. Our manager got let go for reasons I'm still not completely sure about and I spoke with the general manager about my current role within the company. He initially said he would try to get my title changed by December but that he would definitely get it changed before we got a new manager so I wouldn't have to prove myself all over again. After our meeting he called the NOC and said my title change to Jr Administrator would be effective Monday. Even though the title is similar to my old title, I'm still pretty excited. I've been promoted about as high up as I can go within my current department. I feel like all of the hard work and constant learning is finally paying off. The good thing is if the opportunity to move into a sys admin role presents itself down the line, I wouldn't have to worry about who the current manager is at the time since the admins all work directly under the general manager.
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