Memory: single sided and double sided

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I need the definitive word on this from someone who is a professional, because the internet at large sucks at being cohesive on the matter.

the sybex 220-801 + 220-802 A+ deluxe study guide says that double sided memory is treated as two separate memory modules, and that the computer has memory controllers which must switch between them. Thus when calculating the total data transfer capacity of the entire module, you double the data rate vs if you were doing the same calculation for a single sided version of the (otherwise) same exact memory module.

the internet seems to say otherwise. In some cases, the exact opposite of what I have stated here. I have found a multitude of forums which indicate this confusion is not just in my head.....

when answering, state if you have your A+, and any other credentials (schooling, experience with I.T., etc.) Thank you!
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