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I was wondering whether you have ever thought about or would consider releasing your TechNotes in a book format?

I personally have trouble reading TechNotes because I can't comfortably read a large amount of text on a computer screen, and I don't have the means or want to print out 160 pages that I'd just get mixed up. I assume that some others may feel the same way.

The point is that there is a site that will print any number of books for a low price ( For example one 160 page, black and white, 8.5 x 11 would cost 7.74. Add that to your fee of $9.99: $17.73, then round to say, $20. I think $20 is a bargain for true book version of your TechNotes.

Anyway, just an idea.


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    Mr. Kalebksp,

    I've looked at several POD (publishing on demand) companies before, but didn't know of yet. Looks like a good one and I will be looking into it some more. I need to finish updating the Network+ TechNotes and create more PDFs before I do. If I'm going to make the TechNotes available in a book version, they will have to be complete (cover all the exam objectives) which is currently not the case. The online TechNotes are basically chapters for a PDF. When I finish updating the net+ or finish writing the Security+ TechNotes I will definitely look into what has to offer.

    Thanks for the suggestion,
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    Makes sense, I hope that it works out and look forward to purchasing the finished product someday. :D
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