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Haven't been on here in like years,

Anyway, I'm back to working on my CCIE R&S and my Boss is helping me built a lab at work. Unfortunately, I'm not having much luck with the switches. I now have 2 3750 POE switches and 1 3560 and another 3750. The POE switches are very valuable around here, they don't care much about the non-POE ones, My boss is allowing me to build the lab with these but I'm being told they might pull out the POE ones at any time. I hate to see my lab taking apart after spending almost 2 weeks putting it together. Fortunately, routers are not an issue. I have 9 routers mainly 2800 and 3800 that are no longer needed. My dilemma is with the switches.

We have a bunch of brand new 3560X switches that are non POE, I wanted to use these but I couldn't find the right IOS on cisco's website. I'm wondering is it possible to use these, has anyone on here used these in a CCIE lab?

Cisco is suggestion the IOS for the swithces to be Advanced IP servers, but all I could find for the 3560X was ipbase services.

Thanks in advance for your answers!

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    If you are using INE for your R&S studies, POE is not a requirement in the v4 topology. BUT, they just announced that Cisco is coming out with v5 shortly. I still do not think that POE will be in the new blueprint. So, if you have other 3560 or 3750 non-poe, I think they would do.

    It would be good for whatever you use to be able to run IOS 15 though as well. Check out INEs equipment list, it has the current (v4) IOSs they use.

    Good luck!
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    I think ultimately they'll probably go the hybrid route and mix it up with switches and virtualised routers.

    I'd have thought the more 3750's you can get the better as you can run the IOS15 on there.

    Wouldn't worry too much about PoE though.
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    Thanks guys for your quick reply. I am using the INE workbook and topology, so I decided to add 1 3560X to my lab and test it. I downloaded the ipbase IOS for it since I couldn't find an advanced ip services IOS.

    Thanks again!
    INE v4 volume 1
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