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So, I am working on Vol I 8.4. It says to only allow one /24 subnet to access the RP. Then it says join that subnet and another subnet and gain reachablity to both. So, the first subnet is in sparse mode and the second in dense mode.

What I am scratching my head over is I put an access list on the RP router only allowing the first subnet. The config didn't work and the RP said it wasn't willing to be the RP for the 2nd subnet.

My access list was correct though; it allowed the sparse mode subnet only. The answers have the access list on all devices in the path. I am not sure why it didn't work on the RP router only and I am also not sure why they have the access list on all the routers.

If I remove the access list from just one of the non-RP routers the dense mode ping fails. I am just not understanding why all routers have to have the access list.

Why do I have the feeling I am about to have an "AHA!" moment? icon_scratch.gif


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