Passed DCUCD - now DCUCD specialist (CCNP DC track)

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Hey, i recently took the DCUCD exam and passed. So i am now a Cisco Data centre unified computing design specialist (wow, mouthful right there!) haha.

I have been working with UCS implementations alot recently which is why i decided to take the implementation and design UCS exams.

Studying for the exam was difficult, which was purely down to the sheer lack of resources available for the exam! My main resources were;

1. on the job experience
2. Cisco docs
3. INE CCIE DC vids
4. Cisco's recommended reading list of DCUCD.
5. Cisco PEC resources

In all honesty, the recommended reading list is pants. The exam didnt seem to even cover 90% of what i read in those docs! The docs were very good and informative if you are learning the DC track though, it was just the exam didnt test on them! Thankfully, common sense, previous experience and recent UCS projects got me through it. Overall, i found the CCNP DC exams to be a step below the CCNP R&S in difficulty terms.

Whats next?! hmmm, tbh i dont quite know. I have now completed 2 of 6 exams for the CCNP DC track. after keeping tabs on Zartanasaurus's CCIE DC thread, i am very tempted to complete the NP DC track and head towards the CCIE DC written. But i'll see what life throws at me first!

The only thing that pains me is that the CCNA DC exams are $300 bucks EACH!!!! i mean seriously, wtf!
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