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I have a question regarding the review questions located on:

4. Which state indicates that the router does not have a path to the neighbor IP address?
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The correct answer is idle ofcourse. I know this. But I also did very simple lab in GNS3. Using the loopback addresses to form the adjacency. Without the neighbor ebgp-multihop command the state is indeed idle. As soon as you enter this command, the state changes to active. Is this a glitch with GNS3? I'm not sure how the state could be active, when there is no route to the loopback interface on the neighboring routers. Please a little clarification would be great. I'm sure it should not be against the cisco rules to have a discussion about this question, as it is a review question posted on their website.

Since they did not specify if the ebgp-multihop command was configured or not, technically there are two correct answers, idle (more correct) and active, is this just one of those questions where you must choose the "most correct" answer?


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