CCNA book too heavy!

strauchrstrauchr Member Posts: 528
I have started studying for the CCNA recently and I am halfway through the INTRO book. It has come to my attention that only about half of the material is worthwhile.

First of all it has a part of a chapter called "do I know this already" with a couple of pages of questions. Then at the end of the chapter it has some review questions. Surely this could just be placed on the CD (which I believe it is anyway) instead of in the book. Then it also summarizes each chapter repeating most of the content which could easily be placed into a seperate study notes book as a PDF on the CD or something. So I think that could cut half of the paper in the book.

I find it quite hard to lug it around onto the Underground therefore making study during the timewasting boring commute quite difficult.

Although the content is quite good (a bit fuzzy at times but stuff I have covered before) it was clearly not designed for the portable student.

Anyone else feel the same way?


  • EdTheLadEdTheLad Member Posts: 2,111 ■■■■□□□□□□
    The CCNA not only gets you a job its also the complete physical workout,
    after only afew months i can bench press my complete cisco library.
    Thats a whopping 4 CCNP books plus my sybex CCNA.I have heard people say the Sybex is a little light to begin with and they prefer the cisco press, but since i was completely out of shape i choose the sybex.
    I'm now taking steroids and i hope to bench press the CCIE recommended booklist by this time next year if i dont put my back out!
    Networking, sometimes i love it, mostly i hate it.Its all about the $$$$
  • milliampmilliamp Member Posts: 135
    I hear you there. I just started the Sybex CCNA fitness program (4th ed.) and already I have lost inches off my waist. I have a new bounce of confidence in my step and my girlfriend hasn't been this happy since I stopped sleeping with her sister.

    The Sybex CCNA fitness program(tm) can do the same for you!
  • strauchrstrauchr Member Posts: 528
    Problem is, my arms and shoulders don't fit into my suits anymore. I am all for getting fit but I am bulking up beyond belief.

    Cisco must truly be the kings - working out your mind as well as your body.
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