Possible Network Jobs after Network+?

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I currently have a Degree in Economics and Business Minor from an accredited University. During my free time while not at work, I am studying for the Network+ Certification. I currently work at a call center providing technical support for over 70 different ISPs, which include basic home networking such as IP settings, WAN settings, router and modem settings, Fiber, DSL, Wireless, Etc.

Honestly, I hate working in a call center. It drives me absolutely nuts when trying to walk someone through something as simple as opening up the command prompt in Windows. Literally, I have been on calls for over 20 minutes just having the person find the "Start" button, especially elderly people.

I am really trying to get out of the call center area, and work as more of a network admin or system admin at a business or corporation, but it seems that every network job requires some form of ridiculous experience that you can't really get unless you actually are a network admin.

My question is, if I go ahead and take the Network+ and pass, what can I expect in terms of opportunity, including my previous education? I feel that with my degree and minor, it shows I have the skill to understand a business environment and think critically. Also, with the fact that I am continuing my education through self-study, it shows commitment towards achieving goals in life. Not to mention that I have been working since I was 14 years old (now 27).

Does it sound like I am on the right track? I'm not being rude about trying to help technology illiterate people in a call center environment, but I have a hard time sitting there for an hour on the phone, just to hang up and have the phone ring 5 seconds later and starting almost the same issue over again.

Have any of you had any experiences you would like to share or anything that might keep my spirits up about the future? I have been offered a job as a Tax Consultant for 40k/year in the past, which doesn't require much thought using all their programs they have, but I passed it up to follow my dreams of working with networks and hopefully becoming a network admin, but currently making 19k/year doesn't pay the bills/student loans!


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    Finish your Net+ and jump right into the CCENT/CCNA.
    The Net+ will make the Cisco exams much easier. People w/ Net+ have a much higher pass rate as well.
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    Click on this to review the career pathways for each COMPTIA certification. CompTIA Career Pathways
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    DoubleNNs wrote: »
    Finish your Net+ and jump right into the CCENT/CCNA.
    The Net+ will make the Cisco exams much easier. People w/ Net+ have a much higher pass rate as well.

    It definitely helps give a solid foundation in networking before going into Cisco!! icon_smile.gif
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    Doubtful you can get a networking job with Net+ alone, but it's a good place to start.

    I'm getting a CST degree in a month (similar to IT), and have done the A+ and Net+. I'm doing the MTA (Networking) in a couple weeks (despite it's limited respect/meaning, the book is good and it's still a Microsoft cert). I don't feel like it's enough, but I also have no experience (I work in retail).

    The CCENT would significantly increase your chances, I believe. I have a class now that uses the ICND 100-101 official cert guide. Far more in-depth than Net+ is, but Net+ and MTA have given me a solid foundation to build on. Of course, CCENT isn't all that great (CCNA is really the floor for Cisco), but it's not easy and shows you're on the right path.

    In short, get your Net+. Read a book, watch Messer's videos. Don't rush it, you'll need this foundation for CCENT. Get your CCENT, and I like your chances.
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    Buddy of mine got a job in the network cisco environment and didn't even have a net+. The company made him get a Net+ and is now working on his CCNA. You just gotta find the right company to take a chance on you.
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    Certainly true.

    I'll be applying for jobs soon, but I feel more confident after getting my A+ and Net+. School's been nice, but I didn't realize how much I did not retain and was not exposed to. The CCENT class has taught me a lot.

    I have a friend who is in the same major and doesn't have any certifications. But he has a job in help desk. It's 12/hr part-time, so it's not great, but people do get jobs with limited credentials, but I don't regret getting certifications and plan on getting more. You can never learn enough.
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    I def. agree with everything you say. That is why I'm currently working on getting a CCENT. I think I will do well, but if I'm completely lost I will go for the Net+ and more forward.
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    finish the net+ and jump a ccna sequrity
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    Your story sounds a lot like mine. Just to share I finished Network+ at my employers request then went to ccent then ccna.
    Looking back on it I can tell you I was frustrated by how broad the net+ subject mater was and how little depth there was with it. Once I was finished I felt as though I had leaned a lot of acronyms but really could not do more then I could before.

    That being said moving into the cisco cert track was much more satisfying able to lab things up with cisco packet tracer and I had a lot more fun learning the material. I wanted to add that the Network+ in my experience did provide a good foundation for the ccna.
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