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Booked my exam for the first exam for 2 weeks time.

I know there is 60 questions but I cant find if it is just multiple choice or if there are any other types of questions? Anyone have a link or information on the format of the exam?



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    You may request some sample questions from:
    CompTIA Linux+ Powered by LPI Certification

    Likely, multiple guess, but there could be other types. What sort of text did you use to prepare from? Generally, a good publisher/author will include some practice questions that may be in similar format. Some will simply test your knowledge of the material. Either way, CompTIA exams are very straight-forward (nothing should be a surprise) and as long as you understand and know the content in the objectives, you should have no trouble passing a CompTIA exam.
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  • BryzeyBryzey Member Posts: 260
    Cheers mate. All of the sample questions are multiple choice.

    I used Labsim Testout which has both multiple choice and fill in the blank type questions. I guess I will prepare for both so I don't get any surprises in the exam.

    The books I used were Linux Bible and Command Line A Complete Introduction which don't directly map to the objectives. However I printed off the objectives and mapped them to the chapters in the books myself.
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