Passed the security+

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I took this exam yesterday and passed, although thought I had failed due to the wording of the questions.

dont know if others have felt this but I thought the questions I got yesterday were poorly worded and didn't always make it clear what they were really asking.

one example was about outsource security logs but needing to review them and what would we use. Paas IAAs saas maas

i ruled out Maas as I haven't read about it, but I didn't think it really fitted into any of the other answers.

performance based questions were time once I saw then and are really just drag and drop type questions.

i used Darrils gagc security+ book which I though was great and read through this taking notes! watched a bit of promessrs videos while on holiday, last week I bought the remember this audio files to accompany the book and also the Comptia security + android app. I have to say this gave me a really setup and got the core basics imprinted into my head and felt confident going into the exam.

hopefully this will give someone an insight how I done it, from start to finish it took about 10 weeks, although I was in Vietnam for 2 of them.

thanks for all the help, and I have already started the sscp, overhauling my cv, and bought cod ghosts as a treat


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