Can't login via DOS to active directory

shadown7shadown7 Member Posts: 529
Has anyone had this trouble? We use Image Quest to image our PC's but they requires a DOS login. Once I login and try to connect to the share I get access denied.

I've checked the permissions and they are fine. I have no trouble mapping drives with the Windows GUI.


  • keatronkeatron Security Tinkerer Member Posts: 1,213 ■■■■■■□□□□
    Could be syntax related. Are you specifying enough info for the account you're trying to login with?
  • shadown7shadown7 Member Posts: 529
    What happens is I boot from the network boot disc and it looks for a DHCP server. Once it finds one I login using my domain admin account. From there I use the net use command to map to the images folder that I want to connect to. This worked fine until we went from NT to active directory. I've already recreated the shares with new permissions but still am not having any luck mapping to that share. It states that the password for that folder is not correct. When I reenter my password I get the Error 5: Access denied message.

    I hope this helps.

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