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I took the CIERS1 cisco 360 bootcamp on global knowledge and the instructor told us that the exercise lab on the 360 are harder than the real lab. i wonder if anybody had take this class and take the lab that confirm this believe. I just wonder if that is true.
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    I will just repost what I wrote previously about the three CIERS mocks I took. The CIERS1 are intermediate and CIERS are advanced. The writing style is very similar to the actual lab, but I don't think a CIERS1 mock is in the same category as the actual exam.

    This was the lab taken at Narbik's bootcamp. Not really taken during real lab conditions. You're timed, but the TS is done at one point during the day and the config is done later on. Much later on. You start at about 10pm and have until 4am to finish. I was a little tired and the CIERS1 config labs are like an INE 5/6 mock lab. I just cherry-picked the easy tasks and didn't put too much time into anything that required thought. Plus sitting on a 13" laptop trying to do a config lab is less than ideal. The TS lab is a legit IOU lab with 30+ devices. It's easier than the real thing, but if it's your first time on the full size TS lab, it's going to be rough. I was actually trying on that one.

    CIERS labs are the "advanced" Cisco 360 labs. I took them mainly because I wanted more full scale TS practice. I would say the difficulty of these is right on with the real lab. The TS in these are harder than INE's and a bit short of the actual lab.

    I think the grader has an issue on this one. All of the 360 labs come with a full score report as well as explanations and output from the show commands the grader used on your lab vs what the answer should've looked like. It's really useful. On one of the tasks, the explanation had you configure something that had nothing to do with any requirements of the task and didn't make any sense and wasn't required to make the task work. I think the grader wasn't updated during a refresh.
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    In our study group, five of us are going through the Cisco 360 Practice Workbook (the one with 35 practice labs)

    Look and feel is very similar - topology, order of tasks, wording, etc

    Difficulty - I'd say some are a bit tougher, while others are easier. Each lab seems to concentrate on a diff topic,

    Lab 2 is big on layer 2, while lab 34 goes nuts on redistribution.

    The one I took at Narbik's bootcamp on thursday night seemed slightly tougher than the real one... although I, along with everyone else, was damn tired at the start.

    EDIT - I just like to add that the Cisco 360 Practice Lab workbook should only be used at the tail end of your studies. I would not recommend even looking at this until you run through whatever vendor workbooks you've purchased.
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