3 year expire retarded.

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For as little as Cisco stuff changes it makes no sense to me that they make people recertify every 3 years.


  • milliampmilliamp Member Posts: 135

    I just looked up the RFC (1519) for CIDR, it was published in 1993 (over 12 years ago), but classful addressing is still taught to people.

    Exams like Network+ still have yet to acknowledge that CIDR even exists.

    The misinformation spread in many of the exams I see angers me.

    It is amazing how they hold people to an 85% standard and people like me eagerly get in line for $200 a pop, but if I were to grade most of the exams I have seen they would average somewhere around 60% or 70%.

    I guess now I know why actual work experience is worth more than education.

    I really hope this trend of being ~10 years behind to the point of actually being incorrect does not continue through the rest of the exam because I would be embarrassed to repeat some of the stuff I read so far in an interview.

    Now I am reluctant to move into the harder stuff and take it as gospel because I am afraid that it too could be just as outdated and useless.

    Exams should be the authoritative source, but I am starting to see that is often far from the case.
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    Sorry Milliamp,but i completely disagree with your idea's.
    The reason for recertifation is to assure your potential employer that you are competent in the equipment and technology now, not 10 years ago.
    Also, if you actually understand the topics and not just study for an exam you should have no problems passing for a second time.Classful addressing is extremely important to understand,this is the foundation of IP.Obsolete ? i'm not so sure, there are still networks running with rip, or proprietary software running based on distance vector algorithms.Dont just think about your country,third world countries are years behind.
    Write mem is not on the exam but this command still works and im glad because i still use it! Subnet zero, important to know, i prefer to know something and not use it, than to not know something and maybe sometime have to use it.I study this Cisco material not for the exam or cert but to know it,there is a difference.I will do each exam when i feel i
    am at the correct level.
    Anyway just my opinion everyone to their own!
    Networking, sometimes i love it, mostly i hate it.Its all about the $$$$
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    I agree with you to a point, but there are other portions where the the exam is behind IOS.

    Take for example:

    config t
    line aux 0
    password bob

    Above is the the correct procedure as far as the exam is concerned (source is Sybex book, 4th ed)

    But from IOS 12.2 on, you cannot enable login untill a password is set.

    I understand the need to know how it worked prior to IOS 12.2, but I don't think answering the question as per > 12.2 should cost you the question.
    I have not taken the exam yet, but I hope the exam at least qualifies the question with the IOS version so I am not left trying to guess which version of IOS the question writer had in mind when writing it.
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    milliamp wrote:
    I shouldn't have to unlearn "the real way" and learn "the way it is on the test" just to have to purge exam as soon as a leave the test center.

    That should also apply to M$ exams too. icon_lol.gif
    "Experience is the ability to guess accurately"
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