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If I schedule both exams on the same day one right after another how exactly does this work?

1. What happens if I finish the first test before the time is up? Do I have to wait for the scheduled appointment (which will be the remainder of the test time) or do I get to go ahead and take the next test?

2. Do I have to check-in again or go to the front desk again or what to get the second test going?

Sorry if these are silly questions, but I've never taken this type of test before and I'm trying to figure out if it would be better to take each test the same day or different days.


3. Am I allowed to have anything in my pockets while taking the test? Like just a handkerchief for allergies?

4. What do I need to bring in for the test other than my driver's license?

5. Do I get any bathroom breaks?

6. What in general should I expect when checking at the test center?

Sorry for the amount of questions, I'm getting ready to schedule the test and I guess I'm getting a little nervous, more so about the process of checking in and stuff rather than the actual test. I watched a video on the Pearson Vue site and it seemed like they don't allow you to carry anything in your pockets and they lock you in a room with a security camera and just sit there and watch you the whole time?


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    It's up to the testing center when it comes to how they handle how precise they stick to their testing schedules.

    Ive arrived early before and they've let me test. Other times I wasn't allowed to sit for the exam until around the time of my appointment (5 or so minutes).

    Maybe you should speak with them when you're signing in and ask how it will be. As formal as the process might seem, most are laid back and will work with you.

    You can't take anything into the room with you. You'll lock up your wallet, keys, phone, etc. Maybe you can ask for a tissue.

    They might also have certain procedures for restroom breaks. I've never had to go during a cert so I'm not sure. Most have camera monitoring so you can wave to get their attention.

    Besides your Drivers license, I would take another form of ID (credit card, student ID, passport).

    Every testing center I've been to was staffed by friendly and professional employees. Don't be intimated, it's just a procedural part of the exam.
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    The test centers I have been too have been nothing but professional. I had brought my passport and my drivers license for ID to avoid any problems with my student ID incase they didn't accept it as it is not a government issued ID. Arrive about 20-30 minutes early if it is your first time at the center to make sure to give yourself time if you need to use the bathroom before signing in which I suggest you do even if you don't think you need to at the time, nothing worse than half way through an exam realizing you have to relieve yourself. Leave everything in your car except for your two IDs and of course your keys. The center I went to let me keep my keys with me but told me that anything other than that would need to be stored in a locker.
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    Regarding question one, I'll know the answer in a few hours. I scheduled 801 and 802 today. Unfortunately, Pearson's site wouldn't let me schedule them an hour apart, I had to wait the full 135 minutes. 801 is at 10:30, and 802 at 12:45. I'll hopefully be done with the 801 around 11:15, and hopefully they'll let me take the 802 right away. We'll see :)
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    @Ratbuddy My testing center let me take the next test immediately after the first after a 10 minute break.. which I used to go to the bathroom, grab a drink etc. I can't speak for your center but I doubt they'll make you wait, just remember though don't rush through it, don't panic and as always bring a towel... never know when you'll need it.
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    They didn't mind one bit. I got there 20 minutes early at 10:10 and they let me start right away. Took a two minute break after 801, then started right in on 802. Was out of there by 11:20.
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    Thanks, your replies help. I decided to schedule them on different days. I'm taking the 801 on the 7th at 12:30 and the 802 on the 8th also at 12:30.

    One thing that worried me is when I scheduled the exam they really emphasized that my name I gave them needed to match my IDs exactly. On my driver's license the order of my names is last name, first name, middle name, but on their site the order is first, middle, last. Is that going to be a problem? I wouldn't normally worry about that, but they bolded the word exactly and I'm not sure what they mean.

    They also said each ID has to have a signature. If I bring in my driver's license, my debit card and my social security card will that be enough? These are the only forms of ID I have with my signature.
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    ratbuddy wrote: »
    They didn't mind one bit. I got there 20 minutes early at 10:10 and they let me start right away. Took a two minute break after 801, then started right in on 802. Was out of there by 11:20.

    Thanks. I hope you passed!
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    Sure did, thanks.

    This was my second time at this testing facility. The first time, they asked for two forms of ID, and my license and debit card worked fine. Today, they recognized me, said "Back again?" and only asked for my license.
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    Congratulations, ratbuddy!

    Another quick question, is there a dress code? Can I go in jeans and a t-shirt?
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    I went with a scraggly 4 inch neckbeard, mountain man hair, and a TMNT t-shirt. They don't care :)
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    I had to take a head shot for the A+ so if anything go looking clean. I was heading to class when I took mine so I was wearing shorts and a tee shirt with thongs.
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