Benefits of SAN/NAS with a v3.0 + lab

dentrydentry Member Posts: 42 ■■□□□□□□□□
I know very little of SAN/NAS systems. I was speaking with a coworker on the SAN team and he mentioned that when a lab enviorment is backed up to a SAN and that SAN is connected to the ESXI box when the ESXI box goes invalid after 30 days becuase of licensing all that is needed is a reboot of the ESXI server and the ESXI server will auto recognize objects backed up the SAN. Then the lab is up and running after a simple reboot and the ESXI box is good for another 30 days. If I am completely off base please let me know. If you use NAS/SAN in a different method I am interested in those thoughts. Thank you.


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