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My study materials are for sale in the "off topic" section of the forums here. Im happy to see them go, I am so tired of studying that stuff!

I felt like the 802 was much easier than the 801 for one simple reason: Context. The questions were wordy and longer than the 801, which by default added much more context into the questions and removed the ambiguity that can result in an incorrect answer. I scored higher on the 802 (78icon_cool.gif than the 801 (74icon_cool.gif yet have much less "hands on experience" in troubleshooting which should have made the 802 more difficult.

I thought I would also mention that I spent about 5 months studying for this. I was not a complete idiot with a computer when I started, but I would need to google symptoms if a PC had problems. I think 2 months of real focused study (~10 hours a week) would have been sufficient with a week or two of home labbing (10 hours total).


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    Hey, congrats. I took 801/802 yesterday, and definitely agree on the 802 being easier.
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Good stuff, man. Keep the momentum rolling. A+ is a starting point, not the destinations, so what's next?
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    Congrats, I remember when I first passed the A+ ;)

    But yea, I felt the same way. Now whats your next move/cert?
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    I am taking a net+ preparatory class this semester in my college classes as well as a database class, so I will be keeping the cert work low key until around Jan 1. Once I get near finishing the Net+ class I will start towards CCNA.

    Next semester will probably be some non-tech classes (I need a physics class and a cultural class might as well do them while I work at the CCNA).

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    Good Luck with CCNA.
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    Congrats on the pass!
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    My study materials are for sale in the "off topic" section of the forums here. Im happy to see them go, I am so tired of studying that stuff!

    What is the name and author of the study materials you have for sale and how much are they going for???
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    Congrats on the pass icon_thumright.gif
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