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Hey all, I just wanted to drop a line here, I contacted an individual at ECUNI today on the status of their accreditation for their Masters degree program, the Master of Security Science. They say that they expect to hear back on their regional accreditation in early 2014. Good news for those of you pursuing the program or considering it. They are also considering a Bachelors program, but there really isnt any impetus on it, I wouldn't expect to hear anything for a few more years.


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    Based on their training program for CEH/CHFI...I have serious doubts about the quality of their Master's program. Even if they were wouldn't be a consideration for me.
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    I got my fair share of university degrees and what I can tell you is that if they get a regional accreditation then the degree can at least be acknowledged by respectable universities. Any other accreditation is worth no more than the paper it's stamped on.
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    Don't do any planning based on, "we expect to hear back in...". Their program is only useful to anyone if they actually have the acredidation(s) you are looking for now.
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    Hi Seph, I have been pursuing this Masters since 2012 and they have done a lot of changes to the program to be more attractive including trying to obtain the DETC accreditation. A few months ago they submitted the Self Evaluation Report and they should had already received visit from DETC personnel to evaluate the university as a whole. Some of the recent changes include access to virtual labs to do on-hands exercises, proctored exams, courses are now 10 weeks instead of 8, 2 different sub-specializations (management and information assurance), video streamed lectures (work in progress), more payment methods, updated LMS, among others. Now they offer a special topic course (ECCU-51icon_cool.gif which began in august with Cloud Computing.

    I consider that they are going the right direction and I dont doubt that by 2014 they get the DETC accreditation along more nice changes to benefit current and new students. For me one of the things that attracted most about the program was the diversity of security related courses, from general security, to wireless hacking, ethical hacking, forensics, disaster recovery, business continuity, pen test, secure programming, securing linux, and others. All of this on an accessible format tailored to professionals who work. When the University gets finally accredited by the DETC I will let everyone knows.
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    I'd like to point out that they've allegedly been trying to get the DETC accreditation since at least 2008. See this post on another forum: EC-Council Unaccredited and Expensive

    Here's the thing though: accreditation really only matters in academia. If you have training and knowledge, and the MSS appears to give you that, along with some decently sought-after certs, it really shouldn't matter in the professional world. Seriously HOW many ridiculously high-profile government employees have we seen that someone finds out they have a degree from a diploma mill? No less than the senior director from USDHS, Laura Callahan.

    Granted, 24k is not cheap for what they're giving you. I'm personally going for the MSISA from WGU; it's way cheaper, you learn a lot, and it's regionally accredited.
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