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I am looking to explore the wonderful world of certifications. I am currently a Help Desk Specialist and Information Systems Technician for a corporate bank, and I am working on my AAS in Information System Technology. That should be finished next year, and then I am going to transfer and start working on an BS in Information Technology Management. I have about 2 years of professional experience with a XP network environment. I have some down time between semesters, my company is happy to help with the costs of certification, so I am wanting to take advantage of this for the sake of my career. Where would be a good place to start?

I had considered A+, and there is another Help Desk specialist working on that currently, so we could be study buddies. At the same time, since I have experience and a tech position, a lot of my associates seem to think that A+ would be a waste of my time. I just am considering it because it seems to be the starting certification.

I don't have that much experience with networking, so I thought it might be best to go ahead and get a basic understanding of how everything works.

Windows 7, Configuring (70-680:
I actually have the study materials for this, so I had considered this. Also, my company is about to make the jump from XP to 7, so I thought this would make me look handy. And actually be handy.

Opinions? Other suggestions?


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    Hi, if you're going to be using, configuring and deploying Windows 7, 70-680 would seem a logical place to start. There are some great resources on here and out there, check out Professor Messer, and second shot is on at the moment so you could get a free retake if you aren't successful first time around.
    If you go down that route, do get yourself labbing, playing with WDS and get really chummy with 7. MS publish the exam objectives; plenty of clues in there on areas to focus.
    I failed 70-680 first time around by a whisker, so second shot is a no brainer if you're new to MS certs.
    Hope this helps and good luck!
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    Just wanted to reinforce the fact that the 70-680 is not an easy exam, so definitely get the Second Shot voucher from Microsoft if you can. It's not that the material itself is challenging, it's just the way they design and word the questions.

    I personally don't really see the benefit of the A+ for your current position, but that all depends on your background and how comfortable you are with computer hardware. The cost/benefit ratio for the A+ isn't that great for someone already working in IT. Network+ would be a good option, as would getting the MCSA since you mentioned your company will be migrating to Win7 soon.

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    Great path of certs and welcome to the forums!! The Network+ will be a great cert to get giving you a great basic fundamental knowledge of networking. :)
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    Hi All;

    I would do A+ and a Windows 8 exam (Not 7 - might as well do the latest).

    The point of this exams since you already in Helpdesk is more of a defensive move (get certified in the job you in).... The above two exam is NOT to advance your career, but to solidify your role in a helpdesk/desktop support role.

    Once you do that - Now lets talk about where to lead your career

    So usually there is brances of IT You need to think about Network, Server, Security, Virtilization etc

    for example if you want to get into network
    you would do: CCENT(do not do network+), CCNA, CCNP, CCNP speciality

    Server Admin: MCSA, MCSE, Linux+ - then pick a speciaility - Virtilization, exchange, storage, linux

    Main thing is you have to pick a specialty and get experience and certified at an advance level

    also look at my certification plan which i have posted - might give you an example of a road plan - even through its more at an advance level
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