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Hi, I work for an ISP, but in the group that maintain the network for other companies as a Network Engineer. My manager asked me if I want to move to another account because I talk to him about getting in into an account with more challenge. I saw the Job description and I saw that i'm qualify for everything except wireless. They ask for wifi knowledge NCS/WCS and cisco APs. I never work with wireless before, so I have no experience. This company is going to interview me in 10 days and even though my manager told me to not worry since we have a wireless group that can take care any issues, I still want to go to the interview prepare for any basic wireless question. I don't want to tell the client, well the wireless group is taking care that. I'm planning to buy the CCNA wireless video from INE to get me prepare. Do you thing with this videos I'm going to be good? If you guys have any other advice? Also what kind of question you wireless guys get when interviewing? Thanks in advance.
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