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First time poster, longtime lurker. I sat the Sec+ today and passed it.

This forum was a help, but I leaned very heavily on Darrils study guide to learn the material. I then used google a lot to see and understand the material from another angle (Ars Technica has written some very good security articles). I went back to Darrils book for the practice tests, used these sec+ flashcards I found on the Android platform, and the study notes I found here plus my own notes for polishing the last two or three days. I went in feeling very confident, but some of the wording (and one question in particular) was so weird that I found myself doubting myself when I went over the final questions I had flagged for review. I mean, they were really weird. But I passed, and by a good margin. icon_cool.gif

I really want to do more security (CISSP), but I think I want to go technical for a bit, so I'm going to get the CCNA Sec (CCNA has to come first) before I do the CISSP.

Just a warning to all: some of the questions that I had today have appeared in this forum. Be careful!


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