ITIL cert; can someone recap requirements pls

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Maybe I'm "internet challenged" today but I can't find a simple, direct answer to the question of what is required for an ITIL (foundation foremost, but others as well) certification? Obviously there's an exam, but do you need X yrs experience, or anything else? I checked ITIL Certification, but frankly it's poorly written and I could not find the answer there, or anywhere else offhand. Thx


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    No experience required, no audit/endorsement necessary. I took mine with EXIN through Pearson Vue.
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    For intermediate exams, the foundation is a pre-requisite, for MALC you need the correct number of credits from intermediate. Although so many years' experience may be stated, it is not enforced.(Having the experience is definitely a plus, as it is otherwise theory without practice
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    To reinforce what the previous posters have said, see here:

    "The ITIL qualification is open to any individuals who may have an interest in the subject."

    "Successful completion of the Foundation qualification also fulfils the prerequisite entry criteria for the next level of study within the ITIL qualifications scheme, the ITIL Intermediate Level."
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    Many thanks all for the quick reply!
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