What jobs can I get from my current course

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I'm currently doing a diploma in IT - Network Engineering, where I will get these certifications: A+, Network+, MCP with the following electives to choose from which currently I'm unsure of which direction to choose.
Linux Red Hat or MCSA
CCNA or i-Net+

I've also got a degree in Business Information Systems however I have no IT experience. So with that information can anyone tell me the most likely IT position I will end up in after completing the course and which electives are better in the longer run.

Any information is much appreciated.



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    That'll depend a lot on your area, what's in demand, or how far you are willing to travel. The certifications you mentioned can lead to various jobs, desktop support and system administration probably being the most common. As you already mentioned, you don't have any experience yet, so you should focus on getting that to go with the cert package.
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    Also focus on jobs that are project oriented. They accept people with a lot less experience but they just need the manpower and you can get your experience that way. And if you are good... a lot of the times... the company will pick you up because you performed well for them.
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    Thanks heaps for your replies. So what do you mean by project orientated? So do you mean that my first job will most likely be a technician and then work myself up from there? Cause I would really like to get into System Administration.
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