Need assistance in picking a certification track

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Hi all. As the title suggests i currently feel like a dog which is chasing its tail. I want to complete several certification tracks but when i start one something will lead me on to another one and i lose focus on the first one. I am a massive fan of the cisco track but with my current employer i do not touch cisco equipment so this has made me switch focus to the world of Servers (Microsoft). I began to look at the 2012 track but also started to look toward security+. I have conpleted a week CEH course and enjoyed it. I feel like i have not achieved anything for several years and i am starting to get fed up. I feel like i need to choose a direction and stick to it. Has anyone felt like this before?

A dog chasing its tail* thats strange i went to edit the title and it changed automatically???


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    This looks to be somewhat outdated, but it's still a fun little resource to play around with:

    CompTIA Career Pathways
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    I'm actually surprised to see that CompTIA doesn't over-value their certs in that.
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    Avoid CompTIA exams imo mate. They have little to no value in the UK. Pick a technology you enjoy and want to work with and go for that. The CCNA / MCSA is always a good starter combination. You can then begin to deep dive after that into more advanced certs such as CCNP etc.
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