What do I need to do now in terms of preparation for the A+ exam?

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I have started off and on studying for the A+ exam since April of this year. I just completed my Computer Science degree and am now trying to turn it up a notch and knock this sucker out.

I have read the Mike Meyers and David Prowse books. I have not taken any exams except for the David Prowse books which I unfortunately scored 71% on both the 801 and 802 exams.

The most of my mistakes are from not memorizing cord lengths, distances, socket types, RAID specs, and laser printer processes.

What should I do now in terms of my preparation? I really would like to wrap this certification up ASAP.


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    Going from a CS degree to A+ seems like a waste of time. Are you not interested in programming?
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    Lack of jobs in my area.
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    Ouch, that stinks.

    I passed 801/802 recently and found that the Prowse Exam Cram book had more than enough info.
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    How did you do on the practice exams in the book? I get pretty much all the material, I just miss the questions them for some reason!
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    You will want to know the objectives as thoroughly as possible. Anything on the objectives may appear on your exams.

    Knowing cable lengths and such will benefit you for years to come if you will be troubleshooting problems, so this is beneficial information to learn.

    As far as 'lack of jobs' have you tried to free-lance? Frequently folks can find enough to keep busy by picking up special projects. If you have the skills, you should be able to sell this service. Another option is to program online. The website escapes me at the moment, but I know it has been talked about in the forum and I believe several members (over the years) would toss their hat in the mix to get picked up for a job or two. If programming is your calling, you can find the jobs if you look - though you will need to do a bit of legwork at first.
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    Thank you. I just finished making flash cards.
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