Helpdesk + room to grow should i take it?

I just had an excellent 90 minute interview with a company about a helpdesk position. The job would require 40 hours a week which is my only problem seeing as how im still a student.

So I guess im looking for some advice on what i should do. I can probably take the job and string my college out longer or just let it pass and look for another job when i graduate within the next year.

The job would be paying somewhere between $13-18 usd, full benefits (health etc..), gym membership, any services offered free (free dsl, cable, telephone), and room to grow+training.

Is that something worth snatching up now, or will i find that or better later on....say in the next year?


  • kamilkamil Member Posts: 28 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Let me guess - Comcast? :). I'm asking becaue I saw their AD @ for their Schaumburg location :>.
  • mikey_bmikey_b Member Posts: 188
    If it is Comcast, they're doing a lot better than their Canadian counterparts, Comcast help desk only pays about $10/hr., which works out to $8.50 US per hour...
    Mikey B.

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